Patient Name: HEOTEST, TOMMY 

Age: 34 years  Gender: Location: 2WB W235  01  Height: 185.4 cm  Weight: 79.5 kgs  BMI: 23.1  Serum Creatinine: ?? Date Drawn: 09/09/2011 06:35am 
Ordering Clinician: PATERSON

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MAIN ED   PRIORITY   ECC/Chest Pain Center

Complete blood cell count with automated differential
Complete blood cell count without differential
Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP)
Basic metabolic panel (BMP)
Hepatic panel Zynx Evidence Link
Troponin Zynx Evidence Link
CK with CKMB
Pregnacy test, serum
Pregnancy test, urine
Thyrotropin (TSH)
Ammonia, serum
Blood alcohol level
Blood culture x 2 Zynx Evidence Link
Urine, dipstick only
Urinalysis with reflex microscopic
Urinalysis with reflex culture
Drug screen, urine
Acetaminophen level, serum
Salicylate level, serum
Chest single view chest pain
Chest PA and lateral
Insert IV with site care management
12-lead EKG- Reason: Zynx Evidence Link
Cardiac monitor
-Pulse oximeter
-Initiate oxygen protocol
Finger stick blood sugar notify physician if less than 60 MG/DL
IV Fluids  
NS bolus IV Zynx Evidence Link
NS IV Zynx Evidence Link
naloxone [NARCAN] IV for opiate reversal may repeat every 2 MIN x 3; call physician for respiratory rate less than 8
naloxone [NARCAN] IV for opiate reversal call physician for respiratory rate less than 8
LORazepam [ATIVAN] 0.5 MG-2MG ONCE for agitation
ziprasidone [GEODON] ONCE for agitation; maximum of 40 MG DAILY
haloperidol [HALDOL] 5 MG-10 MG IM ONCE for agitation
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