Patient Name: HEOTEST, TOMMY 

Age: 34 years  Gender: Location: 2WB W235  01  Height: 185.4 cm  Weight: 79.5 kgs  BMI: 23.1  Serum Creatinine: ?? Date Drawn: 09/09/2011 06:35am 
Ordering Clinician: PATERSON

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MAIN ED   PRIORITY   ECC/Chest Pain Center

Complete blood cell count with automated differential Zynx Evidence Link
Complete blood cell count without automated differential
Basic metabolic panel (BMP)
Blood culture x 2 prior to antibiotics Zynx Evidence Link
Wound culture and sensitivity source Zynx Evidence Link
Lower extremity venous doppler  Reason for exam:
Upper extremity venous doppler  Reason for exam:
ceFAZolin [ANCEF] 1 GM  ONCE Zynx Evidence Link
clindamycin [CLEOCIN]  ONCE Zynx Evidence Link
vancomycin [VANCOMYCIN]  IV ONCE Zynx Evidence Link
ciprofloxacin [CIPRO] 400 MG IV ONCE
levofloxacin [LEVAQUIN]  ONCE
piperacillin - tazobactam [ZOSYN]  IV ONCE
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