Patient Name: HEOTEST, TOMMY 

Age: 34 years  Gender: Location: 2WB W235  01  Height: 185.4 cm  Weight: 79.5 kgs  BMI: 23.1  Serum Creatinine: ?? Date Drawn: 09/09/2011 06:35am 
Ordering Clinician: PATERSON

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MAIN ED   PRIORITY   ECC/Chest Pain Center

Alcohol, ethyl level
Ammonia level, serum
Blood culture
Basic metabolic panel (BMP)
B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP)
Complete blood count with automated differential
Complete blood count without differential
Chlamydia GC DNA amplified probe
CK with CKMB
Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP)
Culture specify source  
Digoxin level, serum
Hepatic panel
Lactic acid level, serum
Lipase level, serum
Magnesium level, serum
Phosphorous level, serum
Potassium level, serum
Prothrombin time (PT) with international normalized ratio (INR)
Partial thromboplastin time (PTT)
Pregnancy test, serum
Pregnancy test, serum quantitative
Pregnancy test, urine
Rapid strep with reflex culture
RSV screen
Sedimentation rate (ESR)
Type and screen
Urine, dipstick only
Urinalysis with reflex culture
Urinalysis with reflex microscopic
Urine drug screen, comprehensive
Influenza nasal swab
Dilantin level
Ketones, serum
Arterial blood gas
Venous blood gas
Depakene (Valproic Acid) level
Lithium level, serum
TSH with reflex T4

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