Patient Name: HEOTEST, TOMMY 

Age: 34 years  Gender: Location: 2WB W235  01  Height: 185.4 cm  Weight: 79.5 kgs  BMI: 23.1  Serum Creatinine: ?? Date Drawn: 09/09/2011 06:35am 
Ordering Clinician: PATERSON

aspirin chewable ORAL chew and swallow
acetaminophen [TYLENOL] ORAL
acetaminophen [TYLENOL] 650 MG RECTAL for mild pain or fever
ibuprofen [MOTRIN] ORAL
HYDROcodone-acetaminophen [NORCO] ORAL for moderate pain
morphine  for severe pain;
HYDROmorphone [DILAUDID]  IV for severe pain; (monitor oxygen saturation if 2 MG or greater given);
ketorolac [TORADOL]  ONCE
oxyCODONE-acetaminophen [PERCOCET] ORAL  for severe pain
meperidine [DEMEROL]  for severe pain;
ondansetron [ZOFRAN]  ONCE for nausea/vomiting
metoclopramide [REGLAN]  ONCE for nausea/vomiting
promethazine [PHENERGAN]  ONCE for nausea/vomiting
nitroglycerin [NITROSTAT] 0.4 MG SL Q5MIN PRN for 3 DOSES
nitroglycerin paste [NITRO-BID] TOPL
albuterol 0.5% soln for neb [PROVENTIL, VENTOLIN] 0.5 ML INHALATION Zynx Evidence Link
ipratropium 0.02% soln for neb [ATROVENT] 2.5 ML INHALATION Zynx Evidence Link
levalbuterol soln for neb [XOPENEX] INHALATION
LORazepam [ATIVAN] 1 MG
diazepam [VALIUM] IV
ziprasidone [GEODON]  IM
Cephalosporins   Zynx Evidence Link
cefepime [MAXIPIME]  IV ONCE
ampicillin-sulbactam [UNASYN]  IV ONCE
piperacillin-tazobactam [ZOSYN]  IV ONCE
Quinolones   Zynx Evidence Link
levofloxacin [LEVAQUIN]  IV ONCE
Carbapenems   Zynx Evidence Link
meropenem [MERREM]  IV ONCE
ertapenem [INVANZ]  IV ONCE (No enterococcus or pseudomonal coverage)
Aminoglycosides   Zynx Evidence Link
tobramycin [NEBCIN] 5 MG/KG IV ONCE
azithromycin [ZITHROMAX]  IV ONCE
Additional Antibiotics  
vancomycin [VANCOCIN] 20 MG/KG IV ONCE
linezolid [ZYVOX] 600 MG  ONCE
clindamycin [CLEOCIN]  ONCE
methylprednisolone Sod [SOLUMEDROL]  IV Zynx Evidence Link
dexamethasone [DECADRON]
predniSONE ORAL Zynx Evidence Link
IV Fluids  
NS bolus IV
IV Medications  
insulin aspart [NOVOLOG]  SUBQ
insulin R [HUMULIN R]  IV
Insulin bolus and drip
-insulin regular 0.15 UNIT/KG IV ONCE NOW
-insulin regular 0.1 UNIT/KG/HR IV CONTINUOUS NOW
Anticoagulants: Unfractionated Heparin This will follow heparin protocol, yet to be developed   Zynx Evidence Link
Do not exceed 4000 Unit bolus maximum
Heparin (intravenous, weight-based) combined order
-heparin 60 UNIT/KG IV ONCE initial dose
-heparin IV CONTINUOUS maintenance dose; dose adjustment per heparin protocol
Peripheral Vasodilator  
hydrALAZINE [APRESOLINE] 10 MG IV ONCE for SBP greater than  MMHG or DBP greater than 100 MMHG
hydrALAZINE [APRESOLINE] 5 MG IV ONCE for SBP greater than  MMHG or DBP greater than 100 MMHG; May repeat every 30MIN PRN for SBP greater than 180
nitroprusside [NIPRIDE] 0.5 MCG/KG/MIN IV CONTINUOUS and titrate by 0.5 MCG/KG/MIN increments every 5 minutes to a max dose of 10 MCG/KG/MIN for SBP greater than  MMHG or DBP greater than 100 MMHG
Alpha-2 Adrenergic Agonist  
cloNIDine [CATAPRES] ORAL ONCE Hold for heart rate less than 50 BPM
Beta-Blockers   Zynx Evidence Link
Hold Beta-Blocker for SBP less than 90 MMHG and call the physician for further orders
Hold Beta-Blocker for heart rate less than 50 BPM
labetalol [NORMODYNE]  IV May repeat for SBP greater than  MMHG or DBP greater than 100 MMHG up to 300 MG total dose; May repeat EVERY 10MIN PRN
labetalol infusion [TRANDATE] MG/MIN IV TITRATE maximum 300 MG total dose, hold for heart rate less than 50 BPM
labetalol [NORMODYNE] 100 MG ORAL ONCE
Nitrates   Zynx Evidence Link
nitroglycerin infusion [TRIDIL] 5 MCG/MIN IV CONTINUOUS titrate to a maximum of 200 MCG/MIN to pain free, keep SBP greater than 100 MMHG per protocol
Other Medications  
potassium chloride ER [K-DUR] ORAL
diphth-acell pertussis-tetanus vaccine [ADACEL] 0.5 ML IM
hydrOXYzine hydrochloride [VISTARIL]  IM ONCE
lidocaine 2% [XYLOCAINE] SUBQ 30 ML
furosemide [LASIX]
orphenadrine ER [NORFLEX] 60 MG
GI cocktail 70 ML ORAL (includes maalox 30 ML, viscous lidocaine 30 ML, and donnatal 10 ML)
lidocaine viscous 2% 20 ML ORAL
mupirocin 2% oint [BACTROBAN] TOPL
Other iForms  
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