Patient Name: HEOTEST, TOMMY 

Age: 34 years  Gender: Location: 2WB W235  01  Height: 185.4 cm  Weight: 79.5 kgs  BMI: 23.1  Serum Creatinine: ?? Date Drawn: 09/09/2011 06:35am 
Ordering Clinician: PATERSON

Select the Patient's Location for Lab Label printing:
MAIN ED   PRIORITY   ECC/Chest Pain Center

Nursing Orders  
12-Lead EKG
Access implanted central venous access device
Ambulate patient with assistance
Apply sling  (specify type):  
Apply splint (specify type and location)  
Chest tube set up and consent
Dressing (specify type and location)   
Fetal heart tones
Finger stick blood sugar
Incision and drainage set up and consent
Initiate temperature control
Insert IV with site care management
Insert nasogastric tube
Insert orogastric tube
Insert urinary cath with cath care management
Lumbar puncture set up and consent
Manual disimpaction
Neuro checks
Obtain and record height and weight
Orthostatic vital signs
Occult blood, gastric fluid (Gastroccult)
Occult blood, stool guaiac
Pelvic exam set up
Repeat vital signs
Ring cutter to bedside
Straight cath
Suicide precautions
Suture set up
Telemetry monitoring
Urinary catheter irrigation continuous
Urinary catheter irrigation PRN
Visual acuity
Vital signs
Wound care (specify)  
Central line
-Central line insertion set up
-Consent for central line insertion
-Pulse oximeter
-Initiate oxygen protocol
Clear liquid
Full liquid
Cardiac, includes low sodium, low cholesterol Zynx Evidence Link
Sandwich tray

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